Tampa, FL 843-473-8050 Attic Restoration- Raccoon Feces insulation Removal


Raccoon (Photo credit: Fotografik33)

Tampa Florida Raccoon Feces Removal.
Animal feces is extremely unsanitary and it is completely necessary to get a Tampa animal feces removal service done if wild animals have caused an accumulation. Feces may pile up around the house, around your AC unit, on the roof, in an attic and depending on the animals way of travel you might have frequently piled up feces in other areas as well. Our Tampa FL animal feces removal professionals get rid of all animal dropping so there is no further

The Attic

The Attic (Photo credit: soupboy)

contamination issues. Pigeon droppings and bat guano carry a spore known as histoplasma capsulatum that causes lung disease when inhaled. Another common animal feces problem is with raccoons. Raccoon feces carry a highly toxic parasite known as raccoon round worm that once ingested or inhaled will attack your nervous system. Raccoon round worm has also been known to travel and eat the cerebral cortex causing blindness. Pets, children, as well as the elderly are more susceptible to these threats because of their weakened or different immune system. Someone with asthma or breathing problems is also especially at risk. Our Tampa FL animal feces removal services are efficient and safe so you don’t have to worry anymore. Whether you’re in need of bat guano removal from an attic, Tampa FL raccoon feces removal from your roof or around your A/C or attic, or pigeon dropping removal from roofs or frequented areas, we have all your Tampa FL animal feces removal needs.


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